Arch Management Services LLC specializes in small property services for investors of multi-family units.  Our services will help you save money and time before you buy and after the sale closes. 


Here’s how: 

  • We perform Due Diligence in a timely manner.  We inspect both inside and outside the property.  Using our comprehensive checklist and our knowledge and experience, we visit each unit.  We will evaluate the property and estimate your repair costs. This eliminates surprises after you close.
  • We research your competition from the view of a prospective tenant.  We go beyond the comparables provided and find out what your neighboring complexes have to offer and how they apply to you and your property.
  • Most rent rolls you receive from the seller will simply list the names and amount of contracted rents.  We will investigate delinquencies, expiration dates, deposits, specials and all other pertinent information that will make the ownership transition a smooth one.
  • Make available a Policy and Procedure Manual based on your specifications for your property and potential employees.  It will contain forms, notices, and all other training material necessary as a part of the daily routine of running the property.
  • Provide Landlord Tenant Laws, HUD specifications and regulations, VAWA, and other regulations you must know and understand as a Landlord.
  • Offer training in telephone procedures, how to show units, and marketing dos and don’ts.
  • Assist in office set up and organization; assist in bookkeeping and accurate tenant record keeping.
  • Offer a Maintenance Inventory checklist and help you understand what you should have on hand.  We’ll keep you from spending money needlessly.
  • Show you routine preventative Maintenance procedures that will save you both time and money throughout your ownership of the property.
  • We will provide guidance in quick turnovers, to keep your units move-in ready. We want you to minimize your vacancies and maximize occupancy.

 Our goal is making sure you can get the most value out of your apartment building.  Whether you want to be a “hands on” owner-manager or be a strategic manager of your investments, we will be the link to ensure your success.

View our Policies and Procedures Manual TOC here

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