We’re seeing a great increase in new construction all across the U.S. ?Even with the great deals in Foreclosed properties, many home buyers just don’t want to mess with all the red tape. ?Plus, the hassles of rehabbing those homes can get quite stressful. ?

The new homes we build are quality single family homes that are in great demand ?all across the United States. ?As I mentioned before, our target price is $400,000 to $1,500,000. ?For the developers that may have some lots or the Broker that may know of some lots, here is our basic criteria:

  • Buyer: Capital Homes LLC
  • 10-day Inspection Clause
  • All Cash at Closing
  • Close in 30 Days

Of course there must be current and previous activity in the immediate areas of construction. ?We do require comparables of recent sales (last 12 months) and these sales must be new construction, meaning properties no more than 2 years old.?

Please contact us to discuss what you might have to offer.


Toll Free: 800-485-1943
Fax: 866-727-2802