There Are Two Types Of Real Estate Investors

Active or Passive

?An Active Investor buys a?property, makes repairs and/or improvements to the property, and holds it for rental income and/or sells it for a profit. The active investor determines the after repair value prior to making a purchase, thus realizing the profit he makes.??

A Passive Investor partners with someone to find the property, do all the improvements, and manage an investment property or negotiate the sale for profit for him. As a private lender, his profit is not controlled by the typical mortgage restrictions.? Private lenders can [svpVideo v=1] ?reap higher returns through passive real estate investing than with IRA?s, CD?s and other typical options.?

We are active investors.?We partner with Private (passive) Lender investors who are ready, willing and able to lend funds for lucrative real estate transactions. Our private lenders are able to set the terms they need for the return on money they provide. We provide the security (real estate) that meets their terms.?

?Our team locates properties choosing only those that meet our partner?s criteria:

  • We research lucrative deals for wholesaling, rehabbing as well as long term investing.
  • We provide the options, you control the terms based on the security you need for your money.?
  • Because of the opportunities available to us, we are able to offer our partners consistent profits.?

Knowing what you are investing in and above all when and how much you can profit will make your investment more secure.?Each one of our partners chooses real estate investing for many reasons (cash flow,?capital appreciation, depreciation, tax benefits, and leverage). ?When we find the right property, we structure the deal to meet your reasons for providing the funds.?