We have found that very few investors are fully prepared for the everyday involvement of running a Real Estate Investing business. They have to rely on the word of outside fee companies that often are overburdened, inexperienced, or simply do not have the best interest of YOU in mind.

One of Arch Management’s services is to consult with investors in search of Multi-Family properties. ?We locate?properties for our clients and participate in the due diligence?process to verify all data, for a smooth transaction. ?If you are wanting to purchase a property, contact us. ?We can help!

We can also help current owners structure a sale that makes sure you are getting top dollar for your property. ?There are ways you can maintain ownership and your?current NOI without the daily routine of running your?property without?hiring a management company! ?Your investment can work much better for you once you learn how you can safely step away. ?This is a great opportunity for Multi-Family Apartments, Commercial strip centers, Warehouses, Mobile Home Parks, etc. Contact us right away to see how we can help!

Arch Management has recently added a variety of Funding opportunities for investors of Buy and Hold, Fix and Flip and Multi-Family?acquisitions and/or refinance. ?After pursuing our own funding for all types of Real Estate acquisitions over the last few years,?we found that many investors like us were having the same issues of qualifying for loans for a variety of reasons. ?We can help you get the best?funding options available on the market today. ?Let’s not let the lack of funds hold you back anymore. ?


Contact us right away to see how we can help!