We have found that very few investors are fully prepared for the everyday involvement of running a multi-family property. They have to rely on the word of outside fee companies that often are overburdened, inexperienced, or simply do not have the best interest of the owner in mind.

Arch Management is unique in that we participate in the very beginning stages of Due Diligence with the investor. We research, plan and provide financial forecasting in the daily operations of the property. This focus enables the investor to thoroughly understand the property’s potential. It means they can minimize the financial surprises that often arise after taking ownership of a property.

We assess the needs of the property beyond the obvious physical appearance. We determine how maintenance was performed in the past and what will be needed to bring this property up to our company standards. Past marketing strategies are researched and evaluated. Personnel are interviewed. Leases are reviewed.

Arch has eliminated the biggest barrier for income growth in multi-family because we can partner with the owners and share their concerns. 

Most recently we pursued our options of rehabbing one of our own Multi-Family projects.  This 54 unit apartment complex was built in 1972 with the only major upgrades in 1986 adding HVAC units to the existing storage closets of each apartment. As we investigated what funding solutions were available, a whole new opportunity opened up to us.  Government Financing Programs!  There is a myriad of government funding solutions available to us that can make any investment a profitable long term venture.

We are now able to share these funding opportunities with other property owners and investors to help make their investments profitable, as were the intentions from the beginning.  

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